Partners, Co-operatives & Secret agents

For advertisers

Advertisements inside the game box: It’s very easy to add merchandising schwag into the box right from the factory. Branded, perforated flyers for tips material, etc. Ask away.

Expanded cards: All the decks in the game are easily expanded by mixing new cards to existing decks! Want to advertise your seedbank’s  specialty strains? How about a booster pack containing 10 of your best strains? Contact us for more information.

Keep in mind, we value the game experience very highly – we want to keep the advertising unobtrusive and fun.

For retailers

Do you own a web store, head shop, dispensary, coffee shop or some other green business? If you would like to retail our board game, contact us for pricing information on bulk deals.


Other interests

We want to be spearheading the final blow to prohibition. If you have any questions (…or answers), don’t hesitate to contact us!

Don't be shy. Ask away!

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