Frequently questioned answers
Why Indiegogo?

There are a couple of reasons: We’re a very small company trying to bring the game to a larger audience and raise money for legalization. We’ve spent so much effort on the game, we want the game to be absolutely top notch quality-wise. This means, to start we need crowdfunding – even the smallest order quantities from the factory start at about a thousand copies.

This leaves us with few options. Kickstarter’s terms of use state: “Projects can’t promise to donate funds raised to a charity or cause” which leaves us out. We want to be spearheading the movement in global legalization of cannabis – Indiegogo’s terms of use fit us perfectly.

Do not be worried, though: All of our Indiegogo pledges are considered pre-orders of the game to comply with finnish laws. Finnish laws are some of the most consumer-protective in the world, and we absolutely are going to deliver you the games you order.

When can I order the game?

The campaign page opens on the 20th of April, 2016. The campaign runs for a month. After the campaign closes, you will be directed to our own order page that continues taking orders. Note that the first games will take a few months to start shipping!

When will it ship?

The campaign and orders open on 20th of April. The campaign runs for one month. Production starts in June and takes about 2 months for the games to start shipping. The games will be sent via airmail from Hong Kong: The first games should reach customers in August-September. The game will be produced by Panda GM – our production line is professional and robust, and the end quality will be absolutely top notch.

Can I change my order information?

Yes. Indiegogo has a very good help page for any questions you might have about payments and orders: https://support.indiegogo.com/hc/en-us/sections/200717738-Contributing

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, there are smokers all over the globe, and the game will ship anywhere in the world. We will tell you the shipping rates later, when the precise weight of parcels is known.